Company Update

Supersales becomes Between

We are delighted to announce that Supersales is now Between.

We launched Supersales in the middle of lockdowns and the pandemic with a simple idea in mind – to help retailers adapt to this new reality and stay in business. We allowed many businesses around the world to bring their in-store experience online and keep their store staff even when the stores were closed.

We’ve learned and grown so much over this past year. Besides driving more online purchases, we are helping brands build trust, turn shoppers into loyal customers and empower store staff. Our clients see us as a link between them and their customers. Our virtual shopping platform is enabling them to connect with their shoppers in a more meaningful way.

Now we are ready for the next chapter in our mission to transform retail and humanize eCommerce. Today, we unveil not just our new name and identity, but also extended product offering.

Personalized Shopper Experience

for Luxury

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The luxury industry has always been about personalization, premium look and feel and human touch. As consumers we expect a different experience walking into one of the luxury stores than we would be walking into an H&M. However, with the rise of online shopping, luxury brands have been struggling to recreate this premium customer experience digitally.

The pandemic has accelerated the need for luxury brands to leverage technology in order to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage.

Imagine if you could sit at home on your couch, but also walk through a jewelry or luxury handbag store, get style advice and talk to the store associate like you would in the physical store.

One-to-many video streaming

Make customers feel welcome and valued from the first moment they come to your site with a video message from your store or showroom staff.

Live video product consultations

Assist online customers with live 1:1 video or chat consultations from your product experts or in-store staff. The truly premium way to showcase your collections and offer personalized recommendations.

Flexible virtual clienteling

Keep customers coming back with personalized communications and styling advice via text, email, and WhatsApp from an assigned product expert. Inspire to purchase more, educate about new collections and special offers while keeping track of all conversations in one place.


Virtual Consultations



Another consequence of the pandemic and a challenge faced by the retail industry is labor shortages. Currently, the Department of Labor estimates that there are about 965,000 open jobs in the retail industry.

However, even before the pandemic, some retail categories (e.g. Home Improvement) were finding it difficult to scale their retail presence and hire qualified product experts. We discovered that 9 out of 10 shoppers were frustrated with both the online and in-store experience of shopping for DIY, furniture, auto parts, etc.

We’ve worked on a solution to help retailers fix this frustrating in-store experience. Now shoppers can get connected to a product expert in seconds by simply scanning a QR code next to the product they are interested in.

Instant video or chat connection via QR code

  • Offer immediate video or chat assistance while a customer is browsing products in-store.
  • Match shoppers with the best-suited product expert.
  • Send photos and videos to help shoppers make purchases more confidently.

We made it super easy for you to get started right away

Effortless Setup

Add to your site with a line of HTML code and enable your team with an iOS or Android app to start selling right away

Team Training

We will help you, onboard everyone, on the team to sell with Between like a pro

24/7 Worldwide Support

We are here for you every day no matter where you or your team is located

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